When I arrived in Berlin, life there was not as easy as I had experienced earlier in my carrier. Starting to nourish my wish to become a choreographer was a challenge in the city of Berlin. So many artists and various ways of expression coexist there! Although people in Berlin are full of desire for creation and love, for me, there was not much happening there. Living in Berlin taught me a lot. I was constantly excited and scared at the same time. Many times I heard that Berlin is a city where you should come when you are lost but from which you should run away before you find yourself. My boyfriend & I were in Berlin-Tempelhof on New Year’s Eve 2018. We were living a really dark period at this time, therefore we ran away from any type of celebration. We were sitting on a bench, drinking a really spicy ginger tea. In the sky, the fireworks were sounding like a cold war gradually beginning in the dark. I remember that at that moment, I was taken over by dark thoughts: I couldn’t project myself any further than the next day. But today I can tell that that evening clearly brought me a new sign of life. I received an email which title was « Finally a sign of life ». Suddenly, the fireworks in the distance were resonating like a celebration… Some folks have a lot of things around them that shine in the eyes of others. I think that maybe some of them were in a tunnel. And in that tunnel, the only light they had, was one inside of them. And then long after they escaped that tunnel, they still are shining for everybody else.