Glitter (2021)



Antonin Rioche / Korzo & Nederlands Dans Theater


Glitter is a choreographed composition about love, fame and recognition. It lures us into our childhood in which everything is still possible and dreams have not yet vanished. A melancholic glimpse into lost moments propels the work forward. “The real paradises are the paradise we lost” said Proust. With a hint of humour, a breath-taking cast of performers embodies intimate memories of dreams that have long been behind us. In Glitter, stardom beckons and puts it in sharp contract with reality. Flirting with tragic burlesque, they take us to what we all recognize: the illusion of greatness that enchants us all. 


Choreography & concept: Antonin Rioche

Assit by : Rosanne Briens


Performers: Ève-Marie Dalcourt, Toon Lobach, Grace Lyell & Finn Ronsdorf


Light-design and collaboration with the stage-design: Loes Schakenbos

Stylist: Jan-Jan Van Essche

Sound-desing: Jorg Schellekens



Picture : Alex Avgudi