What happens when the curtain falls, the spotlight goes out, the camera stops and the apartment door closes behind us. Five years after creating my first solo Ohboy! with performances in Antwerp, Berlin, Cologne, Geneva, The Hague, and Paris. I now want to create her feminine Ohgirl pendant! an intimate piece on the theme of burnout, on the questioning of the weight we carry on our shoulders. I imagine a small apartment where one can observe the dancer in her intimacy, her thoughts, inhabited by her dreams, her nightmares until the pressure of daily life nailed her to the ground, impossible to continue. Her apartment is both her refuge and her prison.


Antonin Rioche:



Arika Yamada:



Lisa Harres:

composer + assistant 


Loes Schankbos:

light design + technical advisor


Jan-Jan van Essche: 




sound engineer  


Jim de Block:

photographer + teaser


Tommy Pascal:

video registration + trailer

rehearsal pictures: Alex Avgud

poster picture: Jim de Block