Directed by Antonin Rioche

Les paillettes sont de petites particules réfléchissantes qui renvoient la lumière selon leurs différents angles.

**Andy Warhol once said that, in the future, we would all have our "fifteen minutes of fame". He was describing that fleeting state that vanishes into thin air once the attention is drawn to a new object of desire that gets viral through social networks. Glitter tackles and plays with this modern human drama. 


Glitter is a choreographic composition dealing with love, glory and recognition. It takes us back to childhood, to that moment in our lives when everything was still possible, when dreams had not left us yet. 

In Glitter, one finds the melancholy of those long-gone and lost moments - as Proust said, "The only paradise is paradise lost" - that give way to the trouble of becoming what we want to be.

Picture : Alexane Poggi