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Antonin has always been a creator, a storyteller, and he love to dance. He also paints, photographs and films. Born in Angers, he grew up watching dance. His mum had a true passion for it and took him to see shows from a very early age. He always knew he wanted to be a choreographer but instinctively felt he first needed to become a good dancer. After high school, despite never having done ballet and only trained as a contemporary mover, he integrated the Ballet Junior of Geneva. There he had three years of rigorous training, mainly geared to become a company dancer. Never fully fitting into this exclusively physical work with little room for intellectual inquietudes, made him seek for different paths once out in the professional field. His first contract was with Olivier Dubois. He was part of diverse projects throughout Europe, namely, he worked with Sasha Waltz & Guests, Ryan Djojokarso, Theo Clinkard, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Michael Keegan-Dolan and more. He navigated the freelance dance field with curiosity, always making sure to challenge his path by diversifying as much as possible the movement vocabularies with which he worked. He slowly but surely started to build himself up as a choreographer.


Fully embracing the intricacies of freelancing life as our contemporary condition, he creates through different lenses of expression. Movement is root for creation but not automatically the starting point. His works often depart from a text that he writes. From there, poetic interpretations emerge. Cataloging his ideas and inspirations, he creates in dialogue with his inner world, and his endeavors lie somewhere between virtuosity and experimentation. He sees beauty as a true source of interest: if you put enough time and contemplation, everything becomes beautiful. It's all in the details taking the time to watch to observe. 


As a house choreographer at Korzo, he created The Others and Finally a sign of life both for Here we live and now, editions 2018 and 2019. Invited by Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater he premiered his first full-evening performance: Glitter. Part of the CaDance festival 2021 followed by a Dutch tour, unfortunately cancel because of the Covid. He is actually actively looking for new producers to re-take the piece for a tour and share the piece to broad live international audience.


Asides from stage works, Antonin works hand in hand with film. His first solo in 2017, Oh boy!, created during the Eastman Summer Intensive (which toured in Europe as a piece first) became a film, and was selected and awarded by several film festivals around the world. His duet Finally a sign of life has been also produced as a film, shot in the nature of Museum Voorlinden. 


In 2021, he started to choreograph and teach workshop across Europe, he just has been invited to the B12 berlin workshop festival in July. Simultaneously he is preparing a new full evening Oh girl! for the fall 2022, supported by Korzo and NDT. 

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March 27th - Tilburg
April 15th - Breda
April 29th - Rotterdam
May 7th - Amsterdam
May 12th - Nijmegen
June 3rd - Arnhem

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