Director and Adaptation: Antonin Rioche

Producer : Korzo


Dancers: Rosanne Briens & Antonin Rioche 


D.O.P: Alex Avgud

Assistant drone: Hein Budding

Set Coordinator: Loes Schakenbos


Editor and Colorist: Ennya Larmit


Fashion designer: Jan-Jan Van Essche


Song by Finn Ronsdorf

with the voice of Lisa Harres

Finally a sign of life


reflects the days where the sun didn’t rise inside us.

It was so dark that the mornings felt the same as the evenings.

The light never came home, everything remained the same,

the only light we had was the light inside us.

Our soul had to disconnect from our body, in order to carry on.

A journey to find courage to embrace moments of darkness.

Dancing within the duality forever, again, and again.