THIS LIGHT OF MINE, Benjamin Behrends in collaboration with Antonin Rioche | Den Haag, 2017

" We would like to thank Waka Waka for the use of their lights and their amazing foundation. It has given us inspiration to look deeper into the light and shadows of humanity, relationships and the impact that each of us can have with the light we carry inside. Thank to the dancers and dear friends for their inspiration, their beauty and their openness. And for their lovely poems that also helped inspire the piece."


danced by : Miguel Duarte, Guido Dutilh, Boston Gallacher, Alice Godfrey, Madoka Kariya, Rachel McNamee, Paxton Ricketts

Pictures : Helena Fagan 

During Switch, the NDT 1 and NDT 2 dancers take full control. For this annual event, they compile a special programme of new choreographies created by themselves.

In this particular frame, which was also the first occasion for a collaboration with Antonin Rioche, Benjamin Behrends decide to create The Light of mine. Animated by a strong environmental awareness, Benjamin decided to use as the only light source, a highly efficient and sustainable solar-powered LED flashlight called WakaWaka (it means “shine bright” in Swahili).


FRINGE | Annemasse, 2016

In their latest Fringe show Trip The Light, the youthful Junebug Company (Sophie Ammann, Rosanne Briens, Erin O’Reilly) are joined by WAVE (Pauline Raineri), for a triple bill of contemporary dance. This comprises two recent works—Two Blue and SI | SI—and a ‘Carte Blanche’: a section where the dancers improvise to both music and ideas suggested by the audience.


Picture of TheGroupBody by Davide Di Pretoro for the National Dance Academy of Rome, and my first job as an assistant.

Trailer TheGroupBody




Davide di Pretoro contemporary class with Zfin Malta Dance Ensemble.


WAVE | Genève, 2015

WAVE is a contemporary dance company founded in 2016 in Geneva under the artistic direction of Pauline Raineri. The solo Si | Si amplifies the struggle of restraining inner turmoil in order to uphold appearances: the maddening gap between our inner and outer realities - a quest for true identity.

JUNEBUG COMPANY | Genève, 2016

Junebug Company was founded by Sophie Ammann, Rosanne Briens and Erin O’Reilly. They look to exploit their differences and the harmony that unites them: honoring their individuality, and putting forward their common vision for dance - a living, breathing, human experience, accessible to all.


Junebug Company’s work has been presented in Switzerland as well as abroad, including the Fête de la Danse (CH), Fête de la Musique (CH), Edinburgh Festival Fringe (UK), Cottier Dance Project (UK), Plateforme Incidanse (CH), Echo Echo Festival of Dance (UK), Electron Festival (CH) and Festival uličnih svirača (RS) among others.


GIUSEPPE BUCCI | Genève, 2014

MOUVEMENT (rehearsal) | Ballet Junior de Genève, 2013-15

MOUVEMENT (on stage) | Ballet Junior de Genève, 2013-15

BUDGE! | Genève, 2014



BudGE! a non-profit organization founded in Geneva in 2015, bringing together graduates from the Ballet Junior of Geneva and any persons professionally connected to it, who are members. BudGE! brings together a large number of active dancers on the current Swiss and international artistic scene.

That is why they believe it is essential to share knowledge through workshops and intensive courses open to professional and pre-professional dancers. To enable members of BudGE! to submit their own research as choreographers to an audience, qualified or not, the association organizes showings in the studios of l’Imprimerie, which is transformed into a stage for the occasion.